Recollections of the Blitz

Page link: Ann Edmonds
Ann Edmonds
Recollections of 7 September 1940.
Page link: Brenda McColl
Brenda McColl
Recollections of the Blitz and evacuation to High Wycombe.
Page link: Ethel Leverett
Ethel Leverett
Recollections of heavy air raids and being bombed out.
Page link: Florence Hunt
Florence Hunt
Recollections of the first day of the Blitz.
Page link: Frances Sewell
Frances Sewell
Recollections of fire watching and scars of war.
Page link: Frederick Chesterman
Frederick Chesterman
Recollections of air raids in London.
Page link: Joan Burkett
Joan Burkett
Recollections of being bombed out.
Page link: Joan Sharp
Joan Sharp
Recollections of life as a teenage girl in wartime London.
Page link: John Trafford
John Trafford
Recollections of evacuation to Cornwall and air raids over Catford.
Page link: Josephine Cooper
Josephine Cooper
Recollections of the Blitz and evacuation to Stoke-on-Trent.
Page link: Lillian Mead
Lillian Mead
Recollections of air raids and dogfights in the sky.
Page link: Maisie Hider
Maisie Hider
Recollections of life and air raids on the Home Front.
Page link: Marie Freeman
Marie Freeman
Recollections of wartime in Southwark and High Wickham.
Page link: Maureen Gibson
Maureen Gibson
Childhood memories of air raids and evacuation.
Page link: Maureen Palmer
Maureen Palmer
Recollections of air raids in Charlton.
Page link: Myrtle Payne
Myrtle Payne
Recollections of the London Blitz.
Page link: Pamela Netherstreet
Pamela Netherstreet
Recollections of evacuation, air raids and bomb damage.
Page link: Patricia Bennett
Patricia Bennett
Recollections of wartime in New Cross.
Page link: Peggy Durham
Peggy Durham
Wartime memories of escaping the Blitz and working in a reserved occupation.
Page link: Roy Bartlett
Roy Bartlett
Recollections of evacuation to High Wycombe and life on the Home Front in Ealing.
Page link: Stella Harms
Stella Harms
Childhood memories of air raids and evacuation.
Page link: Stephen Simmons
Stephen Simmons
Recollections of teenage curiosity of bombs and a number of lucky escapes.
Page link: Walter Bellsham
Walter Bellsham
Recollections of growing up in wartime Bromley.
Page link: William Epps
William Epps
Recollections of the turmoils of war.