Peter Forsyth

Recollections of childhood memories of wartime.

Peter Forsyth was born during the Second World War. His mother had been evacuated to Fleetwood in Lancashire. Due to the fact that he was so young, he has few war time memories.

One of his main recollections is of visiting Lostock Hall when it was bombed because his father was undertaking work there. The house had been all but destroyed by a bomb. In later years Peter has undertaken voluntary teaching and recalls meeting a lady who remembered the hall being bombed.

During air raids Peter did not shelter in either a public shelter or a private Anderson shelter but took cover under a heavy wooden table. He grew up in Liverpool and has spoken to many local residents regarding their war time memories – one witness recalled seeing fires raging through the city. Another had thoroughly enjoyed himself during the war – as a youth he and his friends visited pubs and finished the contents of the half empty pint glasses, which had been abandoned by those who had rushed to the shelters when the sirens had sounded! 

Whilst considering post war media portrayal of the Second World War Peter considers that much of it appears to glamorise the conflict rather than truly represent the horrors and negative experiences which many suffered.    

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