Jean Marden

Wartime childhood memories of life in a Lancashire Children's Home.

Helping the war effort

During the war, Jean was living in various Children’s Homes in Lancashire. At the outbreak of war, Jean was six year old. Although a very young girl, Jean recalls how she and the other children at the home did their bit for the war effort:

‘We used to spend our days...on the lawn of one of these homes and we had a huge net in front of us, massive net, with big holes and we were given...some sort of canvas or something which was a greeny colour... We were given this and we had to weave this massive net and we got cheeky ask what we were actually doing because it was just a massive great big thing... It turned out that we did our little bit for [the] war because they were the net camouflage for the tanks’.

Moving around

The children in the home were moved around from area to area, often to requisitioned country houses. Jean recalls one particular incident when the children were awaken in the middle of the night and temporarily relocated:

‘[In] the middle of the night we were all taken out of our beds and...marched up the road and put into another house... [It] had all, obviously, been very well arranged because they found beds for everybody... [But] the next morning we were marched back to our original place and then that very evening the place that we just left was blown [up]. It was bombed’.


Poem written by Jean Marden
Poem written by Jean Marden (24k)
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