Miriam Dunham and Frederick Wayne

The first day of war

Miriam Dunham recalls the first day of war.


Frederick Wayne talks about the many nights spent in the family's Anderson shelter.

'A dreadful night'

Miriam Dunham talks about visiting her sister in Bromely during a particularly bad raid.

Recollections of the Blitz and life on the Home Front.

'You weren’t living you were existing'

Sister and brother, Miriam and Frederick have vivid memories of living in Camberwell, South London during the Blitz and subsequent bombing raids.  According to Frederick “it was an existence really more than anything. You weren’t living you were existing. You were hoping you was gonna be there tomorrow”.

Air raids

There are first-hand accounts of the terror of the non-stop bombing raids from September 1940 until May 1941 and the subsequent bombings throughout the remainder of the war.   “It was the doodlebugs because you could hear them coming….you were alright until they cut out. The moment they cut out they exploded and you generally went with them anyway. But the V2s you couldn’t hear them…they just wiped you out completely…. it cut out a whole street.”

'It was terrible'

We also hear how Miriam, Frederick and their family and neighbours lived with the impact of the bombings. It is an account of life lived in uncertainty and destruction - of loss, dislocation and cramped conditions - of storing precious possessions in a single suitcase and of later finding it in the rubble. “It was terrible…” And still, their recollections resonate with numerous examples of resourcefulness, kindness and mutual support. “ You helped people out ” says Frederick .


Interview with Miriam Dunham and Frederick Wayne
Interview with Miriam Dunham and Frederick Wayne (198k)
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The first day of war
The first day of war (73k)
Transcript of audio clip with Miriam Dunham.

Sheltering (77k)
Transcript of audio clip with Frederick Wayne.

'A dreadful night'
'A dreadful night' (86k)
Transcript of audio clip with Miriam Dunham.

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