Eric Bullen

Photo:Lance Corporal Eric Bullen with the Queens Royal Regiment.

Lance Corporal Eric Bullen with the Queens Royal Regiment.

Eric Bullen

The 8th Army

Eric Bullen talks about his time in the Army.

Injured in battle

Eric Bullen recalls being injured in service.

Recollections of service in the 8th Army in North Africa.

Service with the 8th Army

Like so many, the experience of war changed Eric Bullen’s life forever. Initially a carpenter and joiner and therefore in a reserved occupation, Eric was eventually called up and posted with the 8th Army to North Africa. He describes how he was wounded in action and eventually invalided out of the army. A serious injury to his hand meant he had to change occupation, becoming in his words “an insurance man”.

Comradeship and support

And yet, his injury is merely part of Eric’s account of his war. What resonates is the insight he gives into the comradeship and support networks that existed between the fighting men. We hear of the sheer terror felt by some servicemen and also the tough choices that had to be made. Eric describes how he dealt with “one case of bad nerves” experienced by a young serviceman . I naturally sympathised with him and tried to reassure him but he had me worried. I was afraid of the effect it may have on the rest of the section.”


Interview with Eric Bullen
Interview with Eric Bullen (165k)
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The 8th Army
The 8th Army (74k)
Transcript of audio clip with Eric Bullen.

Injured in battle
Injured in battle (73k)
Transcript of audio clip with Eric Bullen.

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Ive read this report, I'm sure he was in [The Queens] 169 Brigade 56 London division [black cats] I was in this division from 1941 in Kent to 46 in Italy & remember Enfidaville

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