Second World War Commemoration and Memorials

A Teaching and Learning Resource for Key Stage 3

War Memorials have always been a way to commemorate victories and remember the dead. According to the War Memorials Trust (WMT) there are over 100,000 war memorials in Britain. These memorials can take many forms, from the monolithic Cenotaph in Whitehall to the simplest plaque or entry in a book of remembrance. The majority of these commemorations are paid for by public subscription and often by people who personally knew those being remembered. This resource will focus on Second World War memorials in Westminster, London, and will also compare specific types of memorial, such as commemoration for women’s roles in comparison to men’s.

The aim of this resource is to introduce the subject of public commemoration in relation to the Second World War. To do this there will be a visit to the site of some of the most famous war memorials on Whitehall. 

This resource has been created by Sarah Macri, a final year History student at the University of Greenwich.


Second World War Commemoration and Memorials
Second World War Commemoration and Memorials (721k)
Teaching and Learning Resource created for Key Stage 3.

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