Maureen Palmer

Recollections of air raids in Charlton.

Family support

Maureen Palmer was a young girl during the war and living with her parents in Charlton, London. As her mother worked during the days, it was Maureen’s grandmother who cared for her until her mother returned in the afternoon.

Air raids

The bombing of the area was heavy, and sheltering became a commonplace. Maureen recalls one occasion:  

‘I was tucked up in my parents room fast asleep, and woken by Mum, shaking me, and pulling me upright...she [threw] a blanket around my shoulders, and with one arm under my tummy she ran. I was not scared. I knew where we were going. The [s]irens were screaming with ear piercing noise; an air raid was happening’.

Sitting in the shelter, Maureen and her mother often heard the bombers flying towards the docks where her father was employed. As he commonly worked night shifts ‘we were [always] concerned for Dad...The relief was overwhelming when he came home’.


Maureen Palmer
Maureen Palmer (25k)
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