Peggy Lane

Photo:John and Peggy Lane.

John and Peggy Lane.

Peggy Lane

Recollections of how a telephone call made VE-Day extra special.

Peggy Lane married her husband John in May 1943. John, who served with the Queen’s Royal Regiment, was taken prisoner after being wounded during the invasion of Normandy. For many months, Peggy believed that John was dead. When she received a call from her husband on their second wedding anniversary, also VE-Day, saying that he was on his way home she was ecstatic: ‘For months I thought he was dead. I imagined the worst. Yet here he was talking to me. I thought I would never see him again’.

Four days before VE-Day John, along with three other prisoners, had escaped when the German prison guards marched them from the camp to work in a sugar factory. John was able to accompany American soldiers back to England.  

Although John was lucky to return from the war, his brother was not. Eddie Lane died when the Arandora Star was torpedoed in 1940. Many years later Peggy discovered that his body had been found and buried in Devon.  


Letter written by Peggy Lane
Letter written by Peggy Lane (33k)
To read about how Peggy discovered her brother-in-law's grave many years after the war please press the above link.

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