Margaret White

Recollections of V1 and V2 rockets in Blackheath.

From Dorset to London

Up until 1942, Margaret White lived in Swanage, Dorset, with her mother and two sisters. Margaret’s father had been called up to Army and her mother, originally from London, decided to move back to Blackheath to be near her family. Margaret remained in London for the duration of the war and experienced the V1 and V2 rockets.

'The blast blew it away'

On the 30th November a V2 rocket dropped in Sunfields Place, Blackheath. The family’s house was damaged in the blast, ‘it blew in all our windows and brought our ceiling down. We lost our front door, the blast blew it away’. Margaret and her siblings were in bed when the rocket landed and had to be helped to escape the bedroom. Margaret recalls 'to get downstairs [we] had to be lifted over the banisters as one of the windows had been blown into the house complete with frame and we could not get past'.

Due to the damage to the house, Margaret and her sisters were taken to a Rest Centre nearby. Although Margaret recalls that the flying glass ‘was all over the bed and stuck into the wall behind us like darts’, the family escaped injury.


Letter written by Margaret White
Letter written by Margaret White (31k)
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