Frederick Chesterman

Recollections of air raids in London.

Air raids

Fred recalls his experience of walking home during one of the numerous daylight raids which occurred during the Second World War. He saw the enemy aircraft in the sky overhead. He recalls that they were not shot down above London due to the potential dangers which this posed but remembers the vast quantity of shrapnel which fell:

‘This did a lot of damage and was very dangerous but people just took it in their stride. Life went on. People went to work on buses, trams, (at) offices and in hospitals. Sometimes the all clear was sounded when people hadn’t even realised there was a raid on. Houses got knocked about but the mess was just cleared away.’

Fred was not evacuated and remained with his family for the duration of the war. They sheltered together under the stairs during raids, where they felt safe and united, despite the dangers posed by the aerial raids.   

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