Lillian Clark

Recollections of wartime nursing in the WAAF.

Wartime nursing

At the age of 18, in 1940, Lillian Clark began nursing in a hospital in the east end of London. Shortly after, Lillian joined the WAAF. Lillian began her training with the WAAF in Morecambe, Lancashire and was later transferred to the RAF Medical Training Centre: ‘Although you’d done nursing you had to do their way of nursing, the RAF. So I was there a month and if you passed their course you were sent straight to a sickbay’. Upon completing the course, Lillian was posted to the station sick quarters in Whitley Bay, Northumberland.

Leaving the forces

During her time in Whitley Bay, Lillian married her husband, a RAF instructor also posted at Whitely Bay, in 1943. When Lillian became pregnant she left the forces and relocated to Barnet to give birth. To escape the V1 and V2 rockets falling on London, Lillian moved back to Whitley Bay with her newborn son where she stayed until the war was coming to an end.

Considering her time in the forces, Lillian recalls ‘I enjoyed it all...I enjoyed every moment being in the forces’.

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