Robert Watts

Recollections of life in the Army.

Robert was a young and impressionable eighteen year old when he was called up to serve for his country. He had been involved in the D-Day landings talking of his experience as “just a way of life”. Robert had lost various people during the war but said it was something you got used to and that they were never encouraged to talk of their losses – the men were not allowed to write home with stories of what they were doing. Robert further talks of the war desensitising the young men involved although he also agrees that the men enjoyed the war with many having the time of their lives. When talking of the six-week training course given to young men joining the army he felt it was adequate and also told of the Sergeant Major telling him to put on weight. Robert remarked that if you were skinny you were thought to be from a poor home and therefore not very well educated.


My Memories of D-Day
My Memories of D-Day (76k)
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