Albert Hall

Recollections of service onboard HMS London.

Onboard HMS London

In 1945, Albert Hall served onboard the HMS London, as a wireless operator. Albert recalls how the Commander in Chief of South East Asia, Admiral Louis Mountbatten, came onboard the ship and ‘told the assembled ships company, in unequivocal terms, the fleet was about to sail across the Indian Ocean and through the Malacca Straits with the intention of retaking Singapore from the Japanese. He also made it very clear that “we do not mind how many ships we lose or how many men we lose – we will not turn back”. Fortunately, for myself and many others, the atom bomb was dropped and the engagement was aborted’.

The Japanese surrender

Shortly after, the HMS London and HMS Raider were sent to the island of Sabang to accept the surrender of the Japanese garrison. Albert has kept hold of mementos from the event ‘I have a log record of the intercom broadcast made while we were at action stations, and also a small photograph of the Japanese party on board London.  I did have a photograph of the Japanese handing over his ceremonial sword in surrender but unfortunately this has been lost’.


Letter written by Albert Hall
Letter written by Albert Hall (30k)
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