Maureen Gibson

Childhood memories of air raids and evacuation.

Maureen Gibson was three years old at the outbreak of war and lived with her family in New Cross. Maureen has many memories of the war; she remembers both the outbreak of war and the Blitz.

The family had a shelter in the garden and Maureen recalls, ‘my father won a competition in the Kentish Mercury for best disguised shelter, the irony of that was that we were bombed out not long after although it did keep us safe’.

When the bombing of London recommenced in 1944 with the introduction of V1 and V2 rockets, Maureen was evacuated to South Wales along with a neighbour's daughter. She remained in Wales until the end of the war.

Considering the war, Maureen believes, ‘our generation had such a unique childhood and we all have a story to tell’.


Letter written by Maureen Gibson.
Letter written by Maureen Gibson. (4k)
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