Maisie Hider

Recollections of life and air raids on the Home Front.


Maisie Hider was born in Greenwich and remained in the area for the duration of the war. Maisie’s schooling was interrupted by the war; the school was initially closed and later destroyed in an air raid. Therefore, rather than attend school Maisie stayed at home looking after her baby brother while her parents were at work. Eventually, Maisie was able to obtain a School Leaving Certificate from Blackheath Council Offices.

Starting work

When Maisie turned fourteen, she began work in Perks grocery store. Working for Perks, she recalls having to wear a pair of borrowed trousers. The trousers were too big for her so she had to wear a belt; this was the first time Maisie had worn trousers. Maisie recalls the store being bombed and the employees having to collect up the goods and assist in the move to new premises nearby. The store was once again bombed in its new premises. Leaving Perks, Maisie found employment at the Coop, which later also was bombed.


Maisie’s father worked for Johnson and Phillips in Charlton, until the factory was bombed. She remembers the night of the incident well and recalls her mother and herself searching for her father. They eventually found out that he had been taken to Brook Hospital with shrapnel wounds in his arm.

Marriage and rockets

Towards the end of the war Maisie married a sailor. Around this time V1 and V2 rockets were introduced and the bombing of London recommenced. The couple was out walking one day, whilst her husband was home on leave, and a V2 rocket hit the Brook Hospital. Nearby houses lost their windows and soot came down chimneys to blacken everything. Maisie recall how her husband was glad to go back to sea as he believed it was not as dangerous serving in the Mediterranean as it was staying at home.    

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How very interesting, thank you so very much for all the effort gone into this meeting.A very enjoyable afternoon,and lovely sharing memories with like people.Maisie Hider and Jennifer Buckle.

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