Norman Dannatt

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Norman Dannatt

Norman Dannatt

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Recollections of Army life and service in ENSA.

Norman Dannatt was called up and joined the Army in the early part of the war. Shortly after joining the Army, Norman enlisted as a pianist in the Pay Corps band and eventually joined ENSA, Entertainments National Service Association.

At the beginning of the war Norman’s mum had told him ‘ to go down to the Music Shop and buy copies of all the popular songs of the day.  Then I had to learn to play them on the piano, off by heart.  As Mum said, “When they find out you can play the piano, you’ll have a better war of it.”  Ever the dutiful son, I did jus t that and never regretted it. I did have a better war of it!

Norman served both in Europe and the Middle East.


The War (I did it my way)
The War (I did it my way) (9715k)
Memoir written by Norman Dannatt.

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