June Dorday

Recollections of a particularly bad air raid in Chislehurst.

During the war, June Dorday (nee Kelly) lived in Chislehurst with her family. One night of the war is particularly strong in her memory. During a heavy air raid three bombs fell in the streets nearby the family’s house, eight houses were demolished with many casualties. After the raid June’s father went out to help those who had become injured in the raid.

On her way to school the next day, June saw ‘the carnage and devastation which I shall never forget. There was not a pane of glass left in the windows including ours. Mrs Tegg a neighbour stood in front of her houses which was badly hit, looking at a small joint of meat which was covered with glass and dirt crying her eyes out saying ‘Look what they have done to my dinner’. Never mind what they had done to her house. People soon forget everything was on ration, meat was precious’.


June Dorday
June Dorday (21k)
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