Alma Clark

Recollections of wartime in Scotland.

When war broke out in 1939, Alma Clark was married and had a one year old son. Alma’s husband quickly joined the Army and Alma and their son went to live with her husband’s family in Paisley. The following year, Alma relocated to Edinburgh where her husband was stationed. After initially staying in a room, she moved to a cottage in a village nearby called Aberlady. The family stayed there for seventeen years.

One night, Alma recalls, ‘we heard an unusual noise from the street outside, putting the light out we peaked round the corner of the curtain to see the shadowy shapes, a muffled rattle of chains and metal. The convoy crept through the village it was a convoy of DUCKS [amphibious trucks] heading for Edinburgh’.


Letter written by Alma Clark
Letter written by Alma Clark (4k)
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