Joyce Read

Recollections of wartime in Acton.


At the outbreak of war, Joyce Read (nee Hannington) was evacuated from her home in west London, along with her school, to Dorchester. However, after only three months Joyce returned home to Acton, where she remained once the bombs started to fall.

Air raids

Joyce lost a number of friends in the raids. Her best friend was killed by a doodlebug that fell across the street from Joyce’s home. The house was damaged in the blast but, luckily, Joyce and her family were in the shelter at the time and escaped injury. As the house was badly damaged, the family was re-housed by the council to a flat in Bedford Park. Joyce recalls how relatives helped to move the family’s belongings from the damaged house and her mother providing homemade grape wine to the workers. Joyce recalls the wine being ‘pretty potent’ and ‘needless to say they went home very happy’.  


Letter written by Joyce Read
Letter written by Joyce Read (17k)
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