Emily Hunt

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Emily Hunt

Photo:Emily's History Sheet as a radio mechanic

Emily's History Sheet as a radio mechanic

Emily Hunt

Memories of service in the WRNS.


For Emily Hunt the war provided her with an opportunity to pursue a long-term ambition. At 28 years of age she was considerably older than most of the other Wrens and had ensured that her London Transport pension was secure before she signed up. In addition, she had her Wren’s salary made up which helped the family enormously.  Emily trained to be a radio mechanic and completed her training in February 1944.

Bell bottom trousers

Emily recalls that only certain grades could wear bell bottom trousers and although she had coveted a pair the numerous buttons could slow you down when using the facilities which were designed for men!

A change in morale

Away from the V1 and V2 bombing being inflicted on London in 1944, she noticed a significant change in morale when she came home on leave.  She was not convinced that London ‘could take’ much more.

Although Emily’s war had not been necessarily what she had envisaged (she spent VE day in camp in the pouring rain) the chance to go overseas came right at the end of the war. About to set sail for Australia to relieve servicemen bound for Japan, VJ day was announced.  The voyage still went ahead and Emily got to visit Australia, India and other exotic locations. Summing up her experience, she says: ‘I may have been under naval discipline but I was free.’

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