Margaret Llewellyn

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Margaret Llewellyn

Recollections of life on the Home Front and a birthday to remember.

Margaret Llewellyn (nee Furminger) was born in Folkestone, Kent, where she lived with her parents and older sister, Dot, until she was eight years old. Many of Margaret’s early recollections are of spending time with Dot, exploring the town, particularly the Rotunda and carousel, the rock shop and the fish market. The girls also spent time exploring the cliff tops, in search of wild flowers.

A different kind of birthday

All this was to change on Margaret’s eighth birthday when she was evacuated. Having been given her birthday presents she was sent to school, where she found that all the other children, like herself, had been issued with a gas mask and had a label attached to their lapel. After a long train journey, Margaret and Dot found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. The house they were billeted to was very dark, something which they had never experienced before, and they were frightened. Many of the children were homesick.

Back home

A short while later Margaret and Dot were collected by their mother and taken to Gwent, where the family were reunited.

On March 5th 2010, Margaret returned to Folkestone, and with her son David bought a house in Mead Road, only a short distance from where she was born in 156 Canterbury Road, and a few steps from 8 Garden Road, where she spent the first eight years of her life. In June 2012, Margaret celebrated her 80th birthday, and is now happily settled back home in Folkestone.  


Margaret Llewellyn
Margaret Llewellyn (43k)
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